2024 Picture Day

Oakville Little League’s annual Picture Day is set to take place on Saturday May 25 on the Green Rink at Glen Abbey Recreation Centre (1415 Third Line).

The schedule is attached to this message, and we ask players to arrive 20 minutes prior to their team’s time slot. We’ve also sent along instructions and details from Future Stars for everyone to follow.

This year’s event will feature a Volunteer Information Centre, where members can receive further details on opportunities available …. and we will be raffling off a variety of items to help raise funding for the Senior Provincial Championships. Items include Blue Jays tickets, free OLL registration, a Pittsburgh Penguins Swag kit, Blue Jays items and so much more!

Please note: Players are asked to only attend their team’s time slot. We cannot accommodate individual player photo sessions. A make-up date has not yet been organized.

Picture Day Schedule

PhotographersPhoto TimeDivisionTeam Name
18:40 AMLearn To PlayBlack
28:40 AMLearn To PlayGreen
38:40 AMLearn To PlayOrange
48:40 AMLearn To PlayBlue
19:00 AMLearn To PlayRed
29:00 AMLearn To PlayYellow
39:00 AMMinor T-BallMITB-Athletics
49:00 AMMinor T-BallMITB-Blue Jays
19:20 AMMinor T-BallMITB-Expos
29:40 AMMinor T-BallMITB-Mets
39:20 AMMinor T-BallMITB-Phillies
49:20 AMMinor T-BllMITB-Pirates
19:40 AMMinor T-BallMITB-Rays
29:40 AMMinor T-BallMITB- Red Sox
39:40 AMMinor T-BallMITB-Rockies
49:40 AMMinor T-BallMITB-Yankees
110:00 AMMajor T-BallMJTB- Athletics
210:00 AMMajor T-BallMJTB- Blue Jays
310:00 AMMajor T-BallMJTB- Mets
410:00 AMMajor T-BallMJTB- Orioles
110:20 AMMajor T-BallMJTB-Phillies
210:20 AMMajor T-BallMJTB- Red Sox
310:20 AMRookie BallRKB-Athletics
410:20 AMRookie BallRKB-Blue Jays
110:40 AMRookie BallRKB-Expos
210:40 AMRookie BallRB-Phillies
310:40 AMRookie BallRKB-Rays
410:40 AMRookie BallRKB-Yankees
111:00 AMMinor NationalMN-NL-Expos
211:00 AMMinor NationalMN-NL- Mets
311:00 AMMinor NationalMN-NL- Phillies
411:00 AMMinor NationalMN-NL-Pirates
111:20 PMMinor American League WestMN-AL West Athletics
211:20 PMMinor American League WestMN-AL West Orioles
311:20 PMMinor American League WestMN-AL West Phillies
411:20 PMMinor American League WestMN-AL West Yankees
PhotographersPhoto TimeDivisionTeam Name
112:40 PMMinor American League EastMN-AL- East Athletics
212:40 PMMinor American League EastMN-AL East Blue Jays
312:40 PMMinor American League EastMN-AL East Expos
412:40 PMMinor American League EastMN-AL East Red Sox
11:00 PMMajor NationalMJ-NL- Athletics
21:00 PMMajor NationalMJ-NL- Blue jays
31:00 PMMajor NationalMJ-NL- Expos
41:00 PMMajor NationalMJ-NL- Mets
11:20 PMMajor NationalMJ-NL- Red Sox
21:20 PMMajor NationalMJ-NL- Yankees
31:20 PMMajor AmericanMJ-AL- Athletics
41:20 PMMajor AmericanMJ-AL- Blue Jays
11:40 PMMajor AmericanMJ-AL- Expos
21:40 PMMajor AmericanMJ-AL- Mets
31:40 PMMajor AmericanMJ-AL-Orioles
41:40 PMMajor AmericanMJ-AL- Rays
12:00 PMJunior NationalJR-NL-Athletics
22:00 PMJunior NationalJR-NL-Blue Jays
32:00 PMJunior NationalJR-NL-Red Sox
42:00 PMJunior NationalJR-NL- Yankees
12:20 PMJunior AmericanJR-AL- Athletics
22:20 PMJunior AmericanJR-AL- Blue Jays
32:20 PMJunior AmericanJR-AL-Red Sox
42:20 PMJunior AmericanJR-AL- Yankees
12:40 PMSeniorSNR-Athletics
22:40 PMSeniorSNR-Blue Jays
32:40 PMSeniorSNR-Expos
42:40 PMSeniorSNR – Phillies
12:40 PMSeniorSNR-Red Sox
22:40 PMSeniorSNR-Yankees

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