An update on our return to the diamond

Hello again!

In the next few days, our convenors will send out training group assignments for all registered players as well as a schedule for the coming weeks, starting this weekend.

Given the changes brought on by pandemic-related restrictions, we realize there are several questions floating around.

We hope this will help clear up a few frequently asked queries.

1. When do the games start?

Our season is currently separated into three phases to align with provincial, town and Little League Canada regulations.

Our first phase, starting this week, involves only training. Players will join a group with nine others and up to two coaches. Based on restrictions, we cannot allow any more participants (youth or adult) in each group (even in the case of absences or schedule changes).

They will train on the field at the same time as another group, however they will be completely separated and never join together.

Convenors will make an effort to keep these groups when forming teams for gameplay later in the summer as COVID regulations are eased, however movement may be necessary based on a number of factors, including skill level and the need to realign divisions.

2. How will schedules be communicated?

The entire Oakville Little League organization will use the TeamSnap app. It is easy to navigate, allowing parents to update their attendance and coaches and officials to send messages out when needed.

Importantly, it will also be everyone’s primary method to fill out the mandatory health screening before each session. Earlier that day, you will need to fill out a quick questionnaire on your child’s health. This is not negotiable. Players (and coaches) will not be permitted to participate until this is done each time.

Further information on TeamSnap will be sent out this week, but the app can be downloaded (for free) when convenient.

3. What will each day at the diamond look like?

Players and coaches are asked to arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before their scheduled session. If a previous group is finishing their workout, please stay in the car. Each player should arrive wearing a mask until workout activities begin.

There will be signs on each diamond for players to follow to join with their team.

In accordance with town regulations, we ask only a single parent and no other spectators accompany players to the diamond each day.

Parents and children are not permitted in the dugout this year.

Yes, regulations may change moving forward, however it is VERY important that you read our Return to Play safety guidelines prior to the first session. 

These rules are mandatory and must be followed.

If you have issues with the rules and regulations, please reach out to our safety officer Scott Vail at or your division’s convenor.


We are committed to providing a fun, enjoyable and safe summer for all our parents and families. However, it’s also important to remember it’s a year unlike any other. Please expect some changes to your normal Little League routine.

Thank you in advance for your patience …. We’re excited for the season to finally begin!!

If you have further questions, please reply to this message or email