Whitecaps workout update … with revised schedules

The recent bad weather led the Town of Oakville to close all grass fields until at least Friday May 5, suspending all OLL activities, including Whitecaps workouts.

It remains to be seen if the Town will open the fields for this coming weekend, or keep them closed to allow them to fully dry and prevent damage. An extended suspension would continue to affect the workouts for the Junior/ Senior Whitecaps – none of which have taken place as scheduled and are now nearly a week behind – as well as the Minor/Major workouts scheduled to start this coming weekend.

To prepare for all eventualities, we’ve created a revised workout schedule for all divisions from Minor to Senior that provides for two tracks: Track A assumes we have access to diamonds this weekend, and Track B assumes that we don’t. The workout schedule can be viewed on the Whitecaps Overview page.

We are giving players and parents both schedules so they can plan accordingly and reduce the need for last-minute cancellation emails from the League. Once we know the status of fields for the May 6-7 weekend, we’ll send an email confirming if we are following Track A or Track B. The structure and format of the workout is different between the two tracks in some cases as we’re working with a shortened timeframe. Please review both Tracks relevant to your players’ division and you should know by late Friday evening at the latest which Track we’ll be following.

In all cases, the structure remains that all players attend the first two workouts prior to any cuts being made. Players must be registered for House League to attend workouts and should have registered by now for Whitecaps workouts (registration is now closed for all Divisions except T-ball).

T-ball workouts are not scheduled to begin until later in May and have not been impacted thus far.

Special Note for those attending workouts at Glen Abbey: We’ve been notified that the north parking lot at Glen Abbey (the one closest to the diamond) will be closed for two weeks starting this coming Monday (May 8) for asphalt resurfacing. Parking may be very tight and there will be a walk from where you can park to the diamond so please allow for extra time.

Thanks to all for your patience and understanding – we look forward to seeing you on the diamond very soon!

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