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2021-08-21: Gameplay Defensive Practice Plan added.


This section is under development and coaches will be notified when materials to support them throughout the season have been posted.

OLL Coaching Policies

For details on OLL Coaching Policies, please review the Oakville Little League Constitution & Policies page, listed under the ‘About‘ main menu item: https://oakvillelittleleague.com/?page_id=3083

OLL Gameplay Practice Plan

Below you can view/download a .PDF file that details the Gameplay Practice Plan from the coaches clinic of 2021-08-21 (Minor – Senior).

OLL Early Pre-Season Workout Plans

The attached document below outlines the practice plans for the first few weeks of the season while we are in ‘Step 1’ of the provincial reopening plan. This resource is intended to provide coaches with a practice plan for the 90-minute sessions, along with drills and diagrams for field set-up (note: diagrams are not to scale and for illustration purposes… adequate distancing will be required at all times).

This plan is an accompaniment to the OLL coaching clinics that will start on June 18. Coaches are encouraged to read it in advance of their coaching clinic session.

Video Link to OLL YouTube playlist with Practice Drill Demonstrations:

Players & Parents

Primer for Players & Parents

Welcome to the Development section… Below you will find 2 resources you can follow to help with getting ready for the upcoming Oakville Little League baseball season

Baseball @ Home has some ideas for how to train to play at home.

It includes a Home Baseball area that has Throwing section with a recommended weekly pre-season throwing routine and video to show the different throwing elements in the routine. There is also a Fielding section with some video ideas for ways to practice fielding at home.

Below Home Baseball, there is a Home Workout area with a downloadable PDF file that details a pre-season workout players can do to get their bodies better prepared for the upcoming season.

Off-Season Program is being developed and will include a baseball activity and workout plan that players can use to work on their baseball skills and also keep themselves in good physical condition and healthy through the off-season.

An document is being developed to introduce Oakville Little League to parents and let them know what to expect for their kids during the season, how parents can become part of the Oakville Little League community, and their part in making it a fun summer of baseball for everyone involved.

We will post the document here when it is ready!

Baseball @ Home

Both ahead of and during the season, we want to provide some ideas for how young ballplayers can get active and ready for the baseball season.

In this section, there are 2 items: HOME BASEBALL and HOME WORKOUTS

Home Baseball


It is important to remember that players should ramp up throwing activities slowly. In conjunction with the throwing video link, a suggested throwing progression is below. This is designed to start at the beginning of March, which would give 6-8 weeks of lead time ahead of the start of the Little League baseball season. Take at least 2 days off for the first 3 weeks and 1 day off thereafter between throwing sessions to rest their arm and provide time for recovery.

The throwing video seen above can be used in conjunction with the below throwing progression.

Throwing progression:

Week 1: 10 Isolation Throws, 10 Jab Steps… 2 days (max. 50% effort)

Week 2: 15 Isolation Throws, 15 Jab Steps… 2 days (max. 60% effort)

Week 3: 10 Isolation Throws, 15 Jab Steps, 5 Cross Unders… 2 days (max. 70% effort)

Week 4: 10 Isolation Throws, 15 Jab Steps, 10 Cross Unders… 3 days (max. 75% effort)

Week 5: 15 Isolation Throws, 20 Jab Steps, 15 Cross Unders… 3 days (max. 85% effort)

Week 6+: 20 Isolation Throws, 20 Jab Steps, 20 Cross Unders… 3 days (max. 90% effort)

Continue using the Week 6 throwing program until the players connect with their teams and begin practicing. Additional in-season resources will be available on this section of the Oakville Little League website and also with the coaches.

This throwing progression can start earlier in the year but I would not recommend starting before February 1 for players not participating in off-season training programs (ie. camps or clinics where they will be given a throwing program to follow).

Throwing with a partner is preferred because it also involves catch play and players can develop confidence in their glove work while working on their throwing.

If players do not have a throwing partner, a net can be used to throw into (as in the video) or even a lacrosse ball and a brick wall can work as a substitute. The lacrosse ball is slightly smaller than a baseball but the weight is similar. Just be sure that wherever they are throwing is allowed.

IMPORTANT: arm fatigue can be expected when getting into throwing shape so it is important to ask how their arm feels – if tired, reduce intensity to complete the throws. If players experience any mild to moderate arm soreness or pain, it is recommended to stop to throwing for the day and resume after taking 2-3 days rest… if the pain or soreness persists in thereafter, please seek medical advice before resuming. If there are any sharp pains or intense lingering soreness, it is recommended to seek medical attention and advice before resuming throwing activities.


Fielding activities can be done in pairs or on their own… all they need it a tennis ball and a wall to throw against. The use of a return net (as in the video below) in the driveway works well. Ideally, a partner can do the fielding drills with them on a baseball field with a baseball (if weather permits). Alternatively, a patch of dry pavement and a tennis ball or baseball can be used, as long as you don’t mind the baseball getting scuffed.

If the weather is cooperative, try to get out 2-3 times per week ahead of the season and work on fielding. Fielding practice can be done on the same day as throwing… just be mindful to not throw with too much intensity when doing these drills to avoid arm fatigue and potential injury.

The video is just meant to be used for examples of fielding activities players and parents can do in the driveway… be creative and make use of whatever space you have access to.

Home Workouts

A basic at home workout program that players can follow… this is meant for Major age group and up (11u +) but younger players are free to use it – just be sure to modify or omit exercises where necessary to adjust for strength and physical maturity… it is important to do the movements properly to reduce the risk of injury.

Please just be careful that the kids are not pushing themselves too hard, too quickly. These can start anytime during the year and be used all off-season.

If they have been relatively inactive during the off-season, maybe only try for 3-5 reps on the bodyweight and core exercises and 10-15 seconds on the timed exercises. As they progress and gain strength, reps can increase into the 15-20 range and timed exercises can be sustained for 30-60 seconds.

Try to do both days of the workout each week (Mon/Tue for Day 1; Wed/Thur for Day 2) and add a third day of activity between Friday and Sunday – something that will get their heart rate up for 15-20 minutes – weather permitting, get outside and play.

Note: Additional resources will be added in the future to add some variety to the workouts for the kids.

Off-Season Program

The Off-Season Program is under development and will be available prior to the end of the 2021 Oakville Little League season.