Oakville Little League is the largest youth baseball organization in Oakville. In 2018, there were over 1,150 young people playing across eight divisions and over 90 teams, including 7 All-Star teams. The League has been providing Oakville youth with opportunities to develop citizenship, discipline, teamwork, and physical well-being through baseball, since 1992.

OLL is the largest youth baseball organization in Canada and is recognized as having the best and highest caliber house league baseball programs. The philosophy is one of house league first, which brings fun and fair play to all players of every level. Every All-Star player must also play in our house league in order to qualify for the All-Star team. Our experience has been that having the best players participate in house league helps the average player improve faster as they have players they can emulate.

For the better players, participation in house league provides leadership opportunities they may not otherwise experience. Children learn the positive values of “Good Sportsmanship,” “Fair Play” and “Teamwork,” which they can use throughout their lives. The league is built on adult volunteers who like to give back to their community. These volunteers demonstrate their leadership qualities so our youth learn and grow to become tomorrow’s leaders.