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Board of Directors

PresidentNick Rigato
V.P. of Operations
TreasurerLisa Hamel
DirectorJohn Mooney
DirectorScott Vail
DirectorLeila Waters

Executive Committee

Challenger ConvenorAline McMullen
Learn To Play Convenor (4)
T-Ball Convenor (5, 6, 7)
Rookie Ball Convenor (8)
Minor Convenor (9, 10)John Mooney
Major Convenor (11, 12)John Mooney
Junior Convenor (13, 14)
Senior Convenor (15, 16, 17)
Player AgentJohn Mooney
RegistrarPeter Hundeck
Whitecaps Coordinator
Volunteer CoordinatorLeila Waters
Sponsorship ManagerCathy Kirin
Communications ManagerDave Leeder
Coach & Player Development
Safety CoordinatorScott Vail
Equipment ManagerBrent Hill
Uniforms ManagerHeidi Daughney
Umpire in ChiefChris Sandford
Umpire SchedulerDave Leeder
Trophy ManagerMario Skopek
Marketing ManagerChris Hokanssen
Website AdministratorTodd Demone
Concession ManagerLina Mooney
Secretary / Office Manager
Tournament & Event Coordinator

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