November 29, 2020

Maps & Directions

Below is a list of all OLL baseball diamonds. To get directions click on a diamond location and enter your ‘Starting Point.’

Glen Ashton Park (West side of Iroquois Ridge High School)

Millbank Park (Glen Ashton and Millbank)

Wallace Park (Sheddon Avenue & Allan Street)

St. John School (1480 Mansfield Drive)

OLL Field house and Office (425 Cornwall Rd.)

Cornwall East (425 Cornwall Rd.)

Cornwall West (425 Cornwall Rd.)

Glen Abbey (1415 Third Line)

Heritage Park (1641 Heritage Way)

Lindsay Park (Lindsay Drive)

Munns Public School (1511 Sixth Line)

Neyagawa Park (540 River Glen Blvd)

Oakwood Park (357 Bartos Drive)

River Glen Park (391 River Glen Blvd.)

Pilgrims Park (1511 Pilgrims Way)

Postridge Park (Corner of Postridge Drive & N Ridge Trail)

River Oaks Park (2400 Sixth Line)

River Oaks South (2400 Sixth Line)

Palermo Park (Dundas behind Funky Thai) Access Entrance Heading West Only on Dundas

Diamond Status


Cornwall East – OPEN
Cornwall West – OPEN
Glen Abbey – OPEN
Heritage Park – OPEN
Lindsay Park – OPEN
Munns School – OPEN
Neyagawa North – OPEN
Neyagawa South – OPEN
Oakwood Park – OPEN
Our Lady of Peace – OPEN
Pilgrimwood – OPEN
Postridge Park – OPEN
River Oaks Park – OPEN
River Oaks South – OPEN
Palermo Park – OPEN
Glen Ashton Park – OPEN
Millbank Park – OPEN
Wallace Park – OPEN
St. John School – OPEN